Listen to "Alimatou" from our latest release TOUGNA


About the Band:

The Mandingo Ambassadors was founded in New York City by griot-guitarist Mamady Kouyat√© in 2005.  As a veteran of the great orchestras of the golden age of Guinean dance bands, Mamady is a living library of musical science inherited from his ancestors and from a half century of experience as an arranger, band leader, accompanist and soloist.

Mamady Kouyat√© carried this heritage with him to New York  where he has collaborated with members of the West African diaspora and Western musicians to continue the great tradition and sound of Guinean Afro-jazz.
Since the summer of 2008 the group has been in residence at Barbes, performing every Wednesday night at this well-known Brooklyn venue.  In addition, they have performed at 
many clubs, events and festivals including Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Celebrate Brooklyn, and the International Festival of Arts and Ideas.


"The music of the Mandingo Ambassadors has been structured to make you feel good.  It puts dazzling vocal and guitar patterns over a rhythm section that is like a perfect system... It could have gone on forever, and that was a nice thought."  The New York Times - Ben Ratliff

"The group is spot on with percussion, balafon, bass, drums, two vocalists, and two guitars.  Kouyate's sound is pointed and fierce when soloing at spit-fire velocity and smooth and sweet when accompanying... and when Kouyate goes crazy, the glorious sound and spirit of 1960's Guinea lives again."  Guitar Player - Banning Eyre